Youth Voice Y&H

Youth Voice Yorkshire & Humber is unique in the region being a representative regional body led by young people speaking out and working to ensure young people’s views are heard and are taken seriously in matters which affect them. Youth Voice Y&H have met with MPs and MEPs, with police and crime commissioners, LA officers, Councillors, health bodies, service providers, businesses and others to progress their concerns or in response to invitations and consultations.

Youth Voice Steering Group (YVSG)

Youth Voice work in Yorkshire and the Humber is led by young people through the Youth Voice Steering Group, made up of one young person from each LA area across the region and regional youth voice groups. They focus on issues that cross LA geographical boundaries, plan and drive the work forward. This embodies the YWU’s commitment to promoting young people’s voice and influence which is a key objective for the YWU and is set out in our Youth Voice strategy.

The YVSG meets online monthly and quarterly in person, to plan, facilitate and evaluate thematic events and gatherings for groups of their peers where they can meet with and influence Decision and Policy Makers.  They also plan and help deliver the annual induction residential training event. A key role is applying for funding to deliver their work over the course of the year.

For the latest report on Youth Voice Work see our annual report. 

You can read the final report of the Erasmus+ funded Yorkshire and the Humber Youth Voice project here:

Y&H Youth Voice Report Jan 2020

Youth Voice Activities

Most Local Authorities buy into the YWU’s broad based regional Youth Voice (YV) offer which complements and extends the range of work they undertake locally, giving young people opportunities to progress and to have a voice at a regional level. Our YV includes the following activities

  • National representation – support to young people who sit on the following bodies
    • National Young Inspectors
    • National Youth Inspectors
    • Arts Council England Youth Advisory Board
  • Regional campaign and youth network meetings
    • Young LGBTQ+ – meets quarterly
    • Children in and Leaving Care Council – meets quarterly
    • Y&H youth-led social action
    • Regional Transport Group

     Yorkshire SEND Alliance – meets online every 3rd Tuesday of the month

  Regional Youth Climate Assembly (RYCA)-  one of  the regional Green Mentors programmes –  meets online fortnightly 2nd & 4th Friday of the month

South Yorkshire Mayoral Youth Combined Assembly, delivered in partnership with South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority –  meets online every 4th Tuesday of the month and Quarterly in person.

 WY&H Youth Collective – works in partnership with the West Yorkshire & Harrogate Health Care Partnership – meets last Saturday of the month in person, and monthly Monday evenings online.

  • Regional support meetings for Youth Voice staff
    • Staff who support young LGBTQ+
    • Staff who support CiC Councils
    • Staff who support youth-led social action
  • Overview of YV activity across the region
  • Weekend induction leadership residential training

for more information contact

YWU in partnership with British Youth Council

The YWU is also a partner to the British Youth Council and holds the contract with them for all youth voice work in Y&H. This funding supports a specific calendar and range of youth voice activities:

  • 3 regional meetings or conventions
  • An induction day for members of UK Youth Parliament and deputies
  • Make your Mark vote
  • Annual UKYP sitting
  • House of Commons debate
  • Support for national campaign
  • A Y&H representative on the National Steering Group
  • Monthly meetings of MYPs.

Please contact, if you would like any further details and see the Latest News section for updates on YV activities:

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Our Work with the Green Mentors

What is the Green Influencers Scheme?

The mission of the Green Influencers Scheme is to assist young people to create deep, lasting and meaningful connections with the natural environment. Through this scheme young people will learn and build skills which will help them contribute to the local community through environmental action. The scheme was developed by The Ernest Cook Trust in 2019 as a match-funded project with #iwill. Both #iwill and The Ernest Cook Trust have provided £1.5million resulting in a total of £3million to be spent over 3years on youth environmental action. The Ernest Cook Trust is providing grants to registered charities and non-profit organisations across England to employ Green Mentors to help young people between the ages of 10-14 years (Green Influencers) to create environmental projects in local schools, youth groups and communities. The name Green Influencers Scheme was chosen due to the connotation of social media influence. A social media influencer has access to a large audience and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach. We would like to harness this energy and use the power of peer-to-peer education and engagement to make a real difference to our environment. Green Mentors employed through the scheme work with groups of young people to carry out environmental action projects in their communities and with other young people.

What is Youth Social Action?

Youth social action refers to activities that young people do to make a positive difference to others and/or the environment. These include volunteering, fundraising, campaigning or supporting peers.

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