Our Annual Reports

Increasingly we are working with a broader range of organisations who want to improve outcomes for young people, e.g. Council Lead Members, health and well being Boards, police, housing, arts, sport and regeneration organisations with their focus on young people.

We can help with:

  • Strategic planning, commissioning specifications and the development of youth provision
  • All aspects of young people’s voice and influence work
  • Brokering partnerships to support innovation
  • Managing regional, sub-regional and local themed projects
  • Undertaking bespoke research studies, reviews and evaluations
  • Advising on quality standards and on workforce and training
  • Organising conferences, training events and seminars

We have a number of expert Associates who help us deliver contracted work.

What We Do and How We Do It

The YWU brings an in-depth knowledge of the region as well as many years of youth work experience and an understanding of what works in practice. We work with strategic planners and managers, providers and with young people from across the LA, voluntary community and faith sector. In this way, the YWU removes duplication of effort, adds value and complements local planning and provision.

The YWU Y&H Work our Offer 22-23

The YWU:

  • Works with a Youth Voice steering group of young people to steer Youth Voice Y&H and ensure that young people’s voice is heard regionally, and nationally, complementing local YV work.
  • Provides fortnightly In the Loop bulletins for members, keeping them up to date with relevant information both national and regional
  • Identifies innovative and best practice analysing developments and trends and development needs
  • Maintains a collection of policy, practice and support resources enabling evidence-based information and advice
  • Organises workshops and conferences to promote developments, disseminate learning and enable networking – at reduced rates for YWU members
  • Brokers and builds relationships and partnerships with regional and national agencies to influence and develop youth work policy and to advocate for and with young people

See our 2021 – 2022 Annual Report for an overview of our work YWU Y&H Annual Report 21-22 F

2020-2021 Annual report for an overview of our work YWU Y&H Annual Report 20-21 f

2019-2020 Annual Report for an overview. YWU Y&H Annual Report 19-20

our annual accounts are available on the Charity Commission Website. 

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