Transport Services for Young People in Yorkshire and the Humber – a Comparison Report

For several years young people in Yorkshire and Humber have been campaigning to improve  all public transport for young people across the Yorkshire and Humber Region. They have met with Transport Commissioners, Providers , MPs,  Councillors  and Passenger Groups., hosted three region-al conferences and numerous  workshops to gather the views of young people, decision makers and providers. They have established Young People’s Action Groups in Transport Authorities  areas, working with bodies to address spe-cific local issues, such a co-creating a Young People’s Charter  for South Yorkshire , or securing half price bus fares for young people in school uniform in West Yorkshire.  The young people are conscious that each Transport Authority Area has different services and offers for young people and would like to address this.  The table below aims to show in an easy format the similarities and differences.  On the last page is a list of recommendations .

You can read the full report below:

Transport Report