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Jan Bridget gives her response to publication of the WAY survey

“I was one of the four respondents who asked for information about self-harm to be included in future surveys which is pretty poor considering there were 193 respondents!

I am delighted this survey has taken place but extremely disappointed that the data regarding LGB young people was hidden away in the Data Visualisation Tool. One very positive outcome is that as a result of the WAY survey, X are now going to include sexual orientation in their annual health survey of young people (as X already does). Perhaps it will encourage other local authorities to conduct similar surveys on a local level which can then be used to compare with national data. It could be there are some lessons to be learnt from the similar surveys in the USA which have been conducted in some areas for about twenty years.

I have been aware of the specific needs of LGBT young people for many years and have campaigned for their needs to be recognised, to reduce their vulnerabilities and for services to be able to meet their specific needs. I am also aware that similar surveys to the WAY have been conducted in the USA for many years leading to a better understanding of the needs of young people and, for my interest, the needs of LGBT youth. Such surveys are able to show how health inequalities affect minority groups, encourage further research into these areas and challenge services and policies to take on board the specific needs of minority groups – both locally and nationally.

By ensuring health inequalities are given a higher priority: including comparisons between different groups (i.e. LGBT, Disabled, BME, Economically Disadvantaged) and the national findings. To include questions on trans status”.

The report can be found here:



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