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JNC Qualifications Framework Consultation

The Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC) for Youth and Community Workers endorses a range of professional qualifications in youth and community work. While grading and pay reflect an employee’s duties and responsibilities, qualifications still form an important part in establishing competence. Guidance is provided in the JNC Agreement ‘Pink Book’ to support local discussions on criteria for allocating employees to a particular salary range with reference to qualifications within the JNC Framework (attached).

The Employers’ Side of the JNC recognises the value and importance of the qualifications framework and has confirmed its support for it. They are interested to explore its operation in both the statutory and voluntary sectors as part of their review of the JNC. They would therefore be grateful if you could give consideration to the attached questions or refer this form to the appropriate contact in your organisation.

Please complete the following consultation questions and return to the address indicated in the document:


Consultation on proposals for a Youth Justice National Qualification Framework & Apprenticeship Scheme

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Consultation on proposals for a Youth Justice National Qualification Framework & Apprenticeship scheme

The YJB are committed to supporting the development of a professionally qualified youth justice workforce who are skilled and motivated to work with and care for children and young people in the youth justice system, in both community and secure settings. It is particularly critical at this time of reform that the Youth Justice System has the capable workforce that it needs.

We are therefore pleased to send you details of our proposed Youth Justice National Qualification Framework and are keen to hear your views about the implications of this Qualification, how it would fit with existing structures and what impact this could have. It is anticipated that the Youth Justice National Qualification Framework would be available for the whole of the Youth Justice workforce and allow professionals to work across both secure and community settings.

There is also the opportunity to comment upon the possible development of a Youth Justice Apprenticeship as a trailblazer which could attract funding from central government.

I am grateful for your support in this consultation and look forward to receiving your comments and responses.

The deadline for responses is 11 March 2016.

 Lin Hinnigan

Chief Executive

This is the link to the consultation The closing date is 11th March 2016.