What is the Youth Work Unit?

The Youth Work Unit (YWU) is the strategic youth work development agency for the Yorkshire and Humber region.   It is the focal point for the  youth work sector in the region and has a unique role in bringing together the dual functions of support and development.

The YWU was established in 1998 by the 15 Local Authorities who recognized that there was a benefit in working together, and with voluntary youth sector organisations, to share learning and practice and support developments; further that collaborative activities also brought savings and economies of scale.

Now we have a radically changed youth work landscape, financial cutbacks and the demise of national youth policy the YWU as a sector-led support body, now more than ever, aims to support youth work planners and providers in the region to maintain a quality youth work offer to young people as well as working with young people themselves so enable their voice and influence to be maximized locally, regionally and nationally.

The YWU is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation and works with member voluntary sector, Local Authority (LA) and private youth work providers, youth voice representatives, as well as with regional and national bodies.

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