Network of Regional Youth Work Units England

The YWU – Y&H is a member of the Network of Regional Youth Work Units England.

NRYWUE was established in 2008 and brings together independent organisations working across the youth work sector at regional level in six English regions.

The purpose of the Network is to:

Regional Youth Work Units (RYWUs) act as hubs for developing and supporting youth work in their regions, working with commissioners, providers and young people themselves to ensure the sector is well-informed, skilled and responsive to changes in government policies and young people’s needs.

The Network supports and strengthens the capacity of RYWUs, sharing and promoting best practice. We work with a range of national and regional organisations to develop new initiatives and joint partnerships for the benefit of youth work and young people.

In addition, the Network provides a bridge between national policy and initiatives, and local policy and delivery – enabling communication and supporting new developments.​

Our approach to collaboration and alliances with other organisations – June 2020

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Network of Regional Youth Work Units England

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