In 2021 a group of Peer Researchers supported by the Youth Work Unit Y&H, created a report on the State of the Region’s Youth Work,

The four areas that the first ‘State of the Region’ report looks at are:
1) Youth voice and attitudes towards young people by Will Solomon
2) Enrichment and open access provisions by Mitchell Winter
3) Youth opportunities and employment by Jude Daniel Smith
4) SEND youth provisions – access all areas by Reese Spanton


In 2020 Young People created a series of interactive educational packs to address and inform about different forms of Hate Crime – Racism, Religion, LGBTQ+, SEND, how the Media portrays groups and steps people can take to be an Ally. Using quizzes., podcasts, films, books and articles, readers are encouraged to reflect and learn. This work was funded by the Tesco Centenary Fund.







In 2017, we were commissioned by Unite the Union to compile a research report regarding the future of The JNC National Bargaining Agreement and the professional status of both Youth Work and Youth Workers.

You can download and print off the full report by clicking on this link (Not the image):

Professionals Valued November 17

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